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Expartners: Parental Alienation and its effect

Below are the responses from a couple who have experienced the devastating effects of parental alienation

Here what one stepmother had to say:

“The mother of my stepson has been intentionally poisoning him against his father since he was about 5 years old. The poisoning escalates every time a new event happens in my husband’s life (i.e. when we got married, then again when we had our first child, then again when we had our second child, etc.). Now, my stepson is so wrapped up in her lies and brainwashing that he has aligned himself with his mother and is contributing to the denigration of his father with no guilt! Although is has been 9+ years since my husband and my stepson’s mother broke up, she actively expresses that she is still upset about them not being together and tells my stepson that his dad left her and that everything bad in her life is his father’s fault. She actively pushes my stepson to lie, and my stepson makes up bad experiences at our house just to make his mom feel good. The false allegations are getting so out of hand, that we are thinking about giving up our joint timesharing so my stepson does not have to be a pawn in his mother’s war against his father. Since we have two other sons together, we cannot jeopardize them and our well being. It makes me very upset, sick to my stomach, and angry that a parent is willing to purposely destroy the relationship of their child with the other parent out of spite. It also makes me very sad because my husband is a wonderful father, and he and his oldest son will not have the benefit of having a loving relationship with each other as long as his mother continues the alienation.”

The following response is from her husband:

“Parental alienation is one of the most heartbreaking acts to witness or to be a victim of.  To see your child’s innocence and consciousness stripped away or muddled makes you feel helpless.  It is often hard to fulfill the responsibility of parenting your child while at the same time battling the effects of parental alienation.  To me, it is without doubt that being the targeted parent of parental alienation is one of the most horrific experiences possible.”

Have you experienced parental alienation?  How have you coped with it?  We look forward to your response.

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p.s. For information and strategies on how to work towards a peaceful relationship with a difficult ex-partner, please click here

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