Blended Family Challenges

Adele Cornish, BSW

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Your’re not alone.  See if you can identify with these typical blended family struggles:

“My husband will not set rules for his children. He thinks that if he does the children will not visit him.”  Click here for more on this subject

“It is hard work. Our relationship is great when my partner’s children are not around, but when they are, our relationship suffers. I dread their visits.”

“How do I stop feeling resentful of his children and build a successful relationship with them. I feel very jealous of their relationship with my partner.”

“My partner feels guilty for the breakdown of his first relationship. He treats his kids much better than mine and panders to his ex.”

“How can I encourage my partner to include me in their daughter’s life? I am not told anything. The only time I know what’s going on is when I ask. I am expected to support her financially, but am not allowed an opinion on what she does.”

“She still wants her parents to be together even though it’s been ten years since her parent’s divorce.”

“There is never any time for us. Romance is not there anymore. I thought I had the perfect relationship and for the most part we do, but when the kids came along, I took my place at the back of the bus”.

“My partner’s children are hard work. They are disrespectful and lazy. We can’t agree on discipline. What can I do?”

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