Today we’re looking at the topic of resentment

It’s not uncommon for stepparents to experience feelings of resentment towards their stepchildren for the time and energy they require.

It’s normal to experience feelings of resentment from time to time and they need not cause a rift in relationships if you address the issues and move forward.  Real problems start however when you hold on to feelings of resentment.  Resentment is like a weed mat that smothers the growth beneath; its heavy presence causes love to be suffocated so don’t let it lie around too long.

Specifically identify the cause of your resentment

If you’re hanging on to resentment it’s time to remove the weed mat.  Identify what has causes you to feel resentful.  I recall one stepmother (let’s call her Jo) who strongly resented her stepdaughter, not because of anything the girl had done but because her husband treated his daughter like royalty. Jo felt her needs always came second. The root of the problem was not the daughter’s behaviour, but rather the way Jo’s husband responded to his daughter.

Take time to make each other feel loved and special

A note to biological parents: Nurturing your couple relationship can reduce a stepparent’s  feelings of resentment towards your children.  Ask your partner what you can do for them to make them feel loved.

Have time alone with your biological children so they don’t feel the need to compete for your attention but also remember your role as a partner.  It’s not about choosing one over the other but balancing the needs of both.

On a simpler note, it could be that a stepparent resents having to continually meet the practical needs of his or her stepchildren. If this is the case, negotiate roles and responsibilities with your partner and ensure a stepparent has time out for themselves.  Remember also…

It’s not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”  Ann Landers

Warm regards


Blended Family Advisor

p.s. Session Four, page 13 of the Blending Lives Program goes into more detail on how to reduce resentment and negotiate roles.  For more information on creating and sustaining a great relationships in a blended family, please read on…

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Your ability to resolve conflict directly affects the health and success of your relationship. This session covers essential skills and strategies you must use if you want to resolve conflict peacefully.

Session 3 Effective Discipline

Discipline teaches children about actions and consequences. It helps them learn to make good decisions for their lives. You’ll cover how to discipline, develop a plan you both agree on, cope with divided loyalties and much more.

Session 4 Secrets to Successful Parenting

Create harmonious relationships, banish resentment, stop feeling torn, treat children equally and bond with stepchildren.

The Blending Lives Program is full of suggestions, tips, advice and good counsel to enable you to get your family back on track and deal effectively with the tough issues you face.

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* How to create a respectful and supportive atmosphere

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  • How to Help Children Identify and Express Feelings
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  • Help Children through Change: Advice on blending
  • Understanding the only child
  • Is a new baby right for your family?
  • Your Vision: How to inspire your family
  • Family Meetings: How they can transform your family
  • Values: How to pass them on
  • Family traditions: Why you need them
  • Giving Back: How to create considerate children

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Take the personality test to discover your personality type and that of your partner’s. It’s great fun and will help you appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The personality test gives you a greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s differences.

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Warm regards


Blended Family Advisor

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