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Stepparenting: What you need to know – Essential information for every stepfather and stepmother

If you choose a partner who has children of their own, you are choosing their children too (even if it’s by default). Almost all children express dissatisfaction with the newly formed blended family at some point. A difficult stepchild can cause turmoil within a stepfamily. The key to success is to uinte together as a couple and put some strategies in place that will help build relationships.

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If you have a difficult step child, read on…

After my last email tip I received the following response from a woman whose relationship has dissolved:

“Bottom line is this; if one partner is not willing to make every effort, put the relationship as a priority, and get a backbone with manipulative children who will do everything they can to control the situation, the blended family will inevitably implode.”

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Help! My partner won’t discipline!

A frequent complaint I hear from many stepfathers and stepmoms is their partner will not discipline their own children. If this is an issue in your blended family too, read on…

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Stepparenting: Why do it?

Stepparenting is hard work and can at times feel rather unrewarding. If you are a stepparent, what motivates you to try your best at this challenging task?

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Blended Family Challenges: You’re not alone.

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