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Adele Cornish, BSW

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Hi, my name is Adele Cornish and I know from my personal experience in a stepfamily (eighteen years to be exact), the challenges you face each day. I also know just how difficult it is to find good practical answers to these problems.  Equipped with my social work background and a vision to help you succeed, I have devoted years to extensively researching and addressing the unique issues step or blended families wrestle with.

I’ve used this knowledge and my experience to develop a program and resources that have benefited thousands of couples worldwide, equipping them to overcome the common obstacles to blended family success.

I also offer FREE regular email tips with skills and strategies to enable your blended family to succeed.  Here’s an example of they can help you:

“This has been an incredible resource for me. Thank you so much for helping me save my marriage. You probably underestimate the magnitude of your positive impact on such an enormously complicated issue. I don’t think I would have been able to do this on my own.” Regards, Catherine, USA

Discover how to become a success statistic!

Statistics tell us that over 60% of blended families fail, most within the first few years. Blended families often find themselves thrust into destructive levels of conflict. When two families combine many experience heartache because they have never been given the skills and strategies they need to make their blended family work. Blended families have a unique set of dynamics. I understand these dynamics and will give you advice that is specific to your family’s struggles.

Here’s what Bob emailed to say soon after receiving my tips, he gave me permission to share his experience with you:

I don’t think I would have made it this far in my relationship if it wasn’t for the info you gave me. I don’t know if your timing was on purpose but I can tell you I was ready to leave the relationship and praying to God to give me a sign for what to do. That’s when I received your emails on what love is and how to stick it out.   THANK YOU for your weekly tips.” Bob Kremer

Learn how to make your blended family succeed

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Here’s what others have to say about the free regular tips they’ve received:

“Thanks for all of your help and articles. They have helped me become a better person, husband, and step father.” Karl, USA.

“Every time I receive your e-mails it is like opening a gift from a dear friend. I am a childless step mother in a blended family and have often felt lonely and isolated in my home because of being the outsider to this family. Your advice and the contributions from others speak to me in a way no one else would understand. I feel as though I belong to an exclusive club no one else would want to belong to and yet I value it more than any other organization of which I am a member. Thank you.” Julia Phelan, Toronto, Canada

“Thank you so much for your site. I am sharing this (information) with my fiancé and it helps us see both sides without pointing fingers. You cover a healthy concept in communicating and highly suggestive topics. We thank you for great advice!” Kelly Burch, San Diego, October 2012

“ Adele, I wanted take a moment to say Thank You. Your insight is refreshing and very helpful. Your advice is helping me every day. I wish you well.” Sincerely, Antonio Bolet, USA

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Blended Family Advisor

p.s. “Your decisions today affect your life tomorrow.” Choose to transform your family life now!

“It helps to be able to talk with and hear from others who share similar experiences and understand the uniqueness of being part of a blended family. Your honest and objective advice and encouragement keep me going through the rough spots. Thanks Adele for the gifts you give others.” Doreen Dyet, Ottawa, Canada

I find your emails encouraging and helpful. You have a very special gift and we are so blessed to have you help us cope and handle the difficulties of blending families. The subjects you address and the readers input is so familiar with how my life is at times. Thanks again for all your help, words and compassion. Keep it coming.” Pat Kelley, Riverside, California.

“Thank you for the encouragement and right words at the right time.  You are making a huge impact on me and my family. Your words and advice is priceless.” Vicki Robinson

“Thank you for sharing your ministry and insight into blended families. I believe it has been very instrumental in saving my marriage and relationship with my stepchildren.” Jean Hehrer, Michigan

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