Learn how to unite with your partner, resolve issues and transform your home into a supportive and peaceful place …ALL IN ONE DAY!

Couples in a blended family often find themselves unprepared to cope with the complex challenges they face. Unfortunately most leave it far to long before seeking help; some only as a last resort.  Ensure you don’t become another statistic by learning how to unite with your partner to blend successfully and help children adjust to step family life.

Discover the real secrets to step family success from New Zealand’s leading step family presenter, relationship coach and author Adele Cornish.

If you relate to any of these points, now is the time to attend our workshop:

  • You want to learn essential skills and strategies to enjoy great relationships
  • One of you thinks you need help, even if the other doesn’t (don’t wait until it’s a last resort)
  • You want to know how to resolve those same issues that keep cropping up
  • Everything is fine when the children are not there, but when they are…
  • You would like strategies to help children adjust and strenghten stepparent/child relationships
  • You want to form a united approach to discipline
  • You want to avoid common mistakes many couples in a stepfamily make and learn the real secretes to success

You’ll learn what separates couples who succeed, from those who don’t and get practical solutions to overcome the challenges

Topics include:

  • Developmental stages your family will go through
  • Realistic expectations for your family
  • Crucial advice on how to achieve and sustain a great couple relationship
  • Successful parenting strategies covering: Discipline, Stepparenting, Loyalties (feeling torn), Helping children adjust
  • Ex-partners
  • Insights from the last research on what it takes for your family to succeed
  • Plus much more…

Workshops are suitable for couples preparing to blend through to those who have been living together many years. Regardless of where you’re at you’ll go away feeling equipped, refreshed and inspired towards success so come and join us!

Numbers are limited.  Workshops regularly sell out. Register now to secure your place!

You’re guaranteed to come away with new insights, skills and strategies. Much of the learning is experiential and is not covered in written books.

“Tell me and I’ll forget  Show me, and I may not remember.  Involve me, and I’ll understand.”  Native American Proverb

Past couples have found this workshop extremely beneficial.  Come along and be involved.  This is an experience you don’t want to miss out on!

Auckland: Saturday 10th March 2018

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Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Invest time into your relationship now and you’ll reap the rewards!

Here’s what past attendees have said they enjoyed and gained from their one day workshop experience:

  • “Conflict and communication strategies”
  • “Wealth of information. Pulling from real, personal experiences, totally recommend. Thank you.”
  • “Being with a group of like-minded people with similar experiences. Helped reinforce what we hope to achieve”
  • “Got some really good strategies and insights”
  • “Covering all the issues and giving strategies”
  • “Was great to interact and talk through things as well”
  • “Powerful tools for our future”
  • “Hope and confidence 2nd time round will work”
  • “New techniques to deal with my stepchildren and my own children”
  • “Interacting and resolving issues with partner directly – useful advice and insights”

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About Adele and Mike Cornish

Adele Cornish is an author, presenter and International Blended Family Coach.  She has utilised her social work background and personal experience to extensively research and address the unique challenges blended families face.  Adele has developed a programme that currently teaches practical skills and strategies to blended families worldwide, enabling them to overcome the common obstacles to success. She has appeared on national television and radio, published books and written magazine feature articles on topics relating to blended families.  Adele’s husband Mike has been instrumental in facilitating many Divorce Care courses which provide hope and guidance to those who have been through a divorce.  Adele has been a stepmother for twenty three years. She and Mike and have a blended family with five children.

Professional Development Training

Adele and Mike have run several professional development training courses for organisations such at the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, Skylight Trust, NZ Kindergarten Association and others. These workshops are aimed at professionals working with blended families such as counsellors, social workers, psychologists, school staff, health professionals and clinicians.  Focus is on equipping professionals with insights and strategies to assist them to effectively support children and couples living in a step family.

Please Note: Workshop numbers are limited and previous workshops have been sold out. You must register to secure your place.

“The seminars were like a sigh of relief for me, a comfort to know that there are others out there that have the same feelings in their blended family. Since attending your seminar I have felt more and more at peace about my feelings toward my ‘step child’.” Nicki

“Great! Practical, easy to understand and apply strategies.” Frank Eijgenraam (Counsellor)

“I found the seminar encouraging and despite knowing no one at the seminar beforehand I didn’t leave feeling I had been amongst strangers but ordinary people with the ordinary problems seeking solutions and help to make their new families work better. I gained some new strategies and had quite a few laughs in the process.” Michelle

“My fiancé and I both found the seminar on blended families to be very useful. We both took some great learning’s from the seminar and I think it has brought us closer together as a couple.” Nicola Hancock

“Even though we have been in a blended family for a while this seminar definitely gave my husband and I lots to think about and talk about. I think it is just brilliant and such a worthwhile ‘tool’ for every blended family.” Rachael Lock

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