Blended Family Wellness Test

Adele Cornish, BSW

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To find out what shape your blended family is currently in, answer the following 10 questions either:               

“Yes” or “No”

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  1. Do you feel torn between your partner and children?
  2. Do your children/step children behave in disrespectful and undisciplined manner often?
  3. Do stepparents feel as though they are competing with stepchildren for the bio parent’s time or attention?
  4. Do you and/or your partner let guilt about any previous marriage breakdown affect your parenting?
  5. Do stepparents and children feel jealous or resentful of each other?
  6. Do you feel your needs aren’t met within your couple relationship?
  7. Do you and your partner struggle to resolve conflict in a healthy manner?
  8. Do you and your partner disagree about rules and discipline for children?
  9. Do you feel insecure in your relationship or that the kids will tear you apart?
  10. Does your experience of blending cause you to feel discouraged and unhappy?

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 Adele Cornish is an author, speaker, International Blended Family Advisor and founder of the Blended Family Resource and Support Network.   Adele currently teaches practical skills and strategies to blended families worldwide, enabling them to overcome the common obstacles to success. She has appeared on national television and radio, published  books and written magazine feature articles on topics relating to blended families.  Adele has been a stepmother herself for eighteen years. She and her husband and have a blended family with five children.