Discipline: Speaking from experience…

Adele Cornish, BSW

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Here’s some advice I received from a women regarding her experience of how discipline works in her blended family:

“A counselor told me my children are mine to discipline and to raise. If there should be any issues, my spouse should bring them to me and we should discuss them and come to a resolve before we change anything or discuss issues with my kids. At times, I was so frustrated because I felt like I was alone in raising my kids but in end this style was right on. My spouse did not discipline my children, I did. He did not make changes and demands on my children, I did. This way he was never the “bad step-parent”. I know at times this is hard for my new current spouse but it truly has helped in the transition of becoming a blended family. My step-children do not know my frustration, changes in the home or how I feel over certain situations. This enables us to have a better relationship.”

What are your thoughts on this approach? Have you tried it? Do you agree with it? I look forward to your response.

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