True Love Results

Adele Cornish, BSW

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LOVE. It brought you and your partner together but will it keep you together…

Firstly a huge THANKS to everyone who filled in the quiz on what true love means to you. A total of 605 responses were received. Many were from women but of the men who responded, some gender differences in perception showed up. We’ll start with the first statement:

True love means you should always feel love for your partner…
56% Men responded TRUE
45% Women responded TRUE

“I said true. That doesn’t mean I can’t get mad or upset at them. It means I still have a “love” for them.” (Male)

This comment highlights the difference between loving someone for who they are, not what they do.

If you rely on ‘feeling’ lovingly towards your partner 100% of the time to stay committed to your relationship, your relationship will be relatively short lived. Feelings can change from one moment to another and be influence by your stress level, tiredness, hormones, etc, etc, even the weather!

You won’t always ‘feel’ love for your partner; at times they might irritate the heck out of you!

It’s during these times that love will become an ACTION to be learned rather than a ‘feeling’ to be felt. For example, instead of following your feelings by being nasty to your partner, you choose to ACT in a peaceful manner that tells them you value them and want to sort out your differences.

True love is remaining faithful to your commitment even when feelings fluctuate.

You cannot always control the feelings you experience but you can always do the right thing in spite of your feelings.

Warm regards

Adele Cornish

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